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Sublimation Yoga Wear The benefits of Yoga


The following are the benefits of yoga. Patience is needed. Yoga needs time to show effects. Within a few weeks, you will feel calm and concentrating. A few months later, the rejuvenation of organs and glands will begin.
First, the vitality increases, the role of yoga in the brain and glands.

Two, appearance and mood young: Yoga reduces facial wrinkles and produces a natural "pull" effect. This is mainly due to the reversal. Our usual upright position causes gravity to pull muscles down. Over time, facial muscles appear to collapse. For a few minutes a day, we have been able to reverse the effect of gravity, making it a boost to our rejuvenation, not relaxing the facial muscles, reducing the wrinkles and flatting the skin.

Yoga inverted posture can often restore gray hair to its original color and delay gray hair. This is because the upside down makes the number of blood flowing to the scalp inside the capsule increase. This position increases the elasticity of the body, removing the pressure of the vessels and nerves of the strong vessels, and making more blood flow to the scalp muscles. That is to say, hair follicles get more nutrition and produce richer healthy hair.
Three, live longer: Yoga affects all conditions of longevity: brain, gland, spine and internal organs.
Four, increase disease resistance: yoga exercise has a strong physique and immune capacity. This enhanced resistance can deal with all kinds of serious diseases like colds to cancer.
Five, improve eyesight and hearing: normal vision and hearing are mainly achieved by good blood circulation and nerve transmission by eyes and ears. The nerves and blood vessels that supply the eyes and ears must pass through the neck. At the age of growth, the neck is as elastic as other parts of the spine. When the nerves and blood vessels pass through the neck, they may encounter difficulties. This impede the supply of nerves and blood to the eyes and ears, thereby affecting their operation. Yoga posture and yoga neck exercise can improve the condition of the neck, and then enhance eyesight and hearing.

Six, the improvement of mental mood: because yoga makes the glandular nervous system including the brain produce rejuvenation effect, mental and emotional state will show a positive state. It makes you more confident, warmer and more optimistic. Everyday life will become more creative.

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