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What is a sublimated polo shirts


The Polo shirt Polo shirt is a short sleeved sport pullover with a button and buttons on the neck. The quality of Polo shirt is generally 100% pure cotton, and the fabric is knitted with plain weave and plain weave. Polo shirt has a long history, as one of the few classical styles that can keep on wearing today, Polo shirt, with its classic style, has evolved from a special sports dress to one of the most often worn fashion styles of the day.

1, origin: Polo blouses originated in nineteenth Century. Originally made of worsted wool, the first jersey shirt was called the jersey shirt, which was used for football, rowing and other sports. Why does this sport shirt enter polo? So it is necessary to introduce the history of Polo (Polo):
2, shaping: Polo Polo (Polo) originated in Persia in seventh Century and spread to the East in the next few centuries. Its name comes from India. In India, people play a wooden ball called Pulu in Tibetan. Later, as an occupier in India, the British brought the movement back to Great Britain. In Vitoria, the Polo sports suit included white flannel trousers, white tennis sweaters (for cause sweating) and a white shirt with a tidy neckline (later on the neckline to buckle the shirt with a button) later, the Jersey gradually replaced the old Polo shirt, the new shirt was neck down, and the neck was down. Fold collar or lapel and long sleeves. 5 buttons are placed in the front of the collar. This new shirt has long been popular in polo, represented by Richmond Park and the British Polo Association.

3, fashion: in the late nineteenth Century and early twentieth Century, because of rules, tennis needs to wear long sleeved shirt and tie. In 1926, the short sleeved sweater was introduced by the French tennis champion Rene Lacoste (Rene Lacoste). Besides, he also invented the serve and metal racket. As the styles of POLO shirts are basically the same, his comfort level becomes the biggest shopping point. POLO shirt is worn on your body, you must feel comfortable, breathe and sweat. Therefore, the fabric needs to be very thorough. When choosing and buying clothes, what is the cotton, the fabric has not been combed and processed, there is no detail hairiness, 40 double yarn structure is the best, he is closely elastic, long lasting pearl ground organization, full particle, not easy to deform. Lacoste's first shirt has a small ribbed collar and short sleeves and long clothes, which is not easy to fall off in the fierce competition, and the button structure in the shirt comes from the polo shirt.

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