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How to Pick Cycling Shorts


First of all, we need to think about what should be made of mountain bike riding shorts. (compared with bike riding shorts or sports shorts) we define mountain bike riding shorts as a kind of unrepaired, loose shorts that provide more protection and function than tight Leica highway shorts. The difference between the shorts and other sports shorts is that a pair of shorts is sewn on the lining of the bottom of the shorts.

Classification of mountain cycling

When you want to buy a new mountain bike to ride your shorts, you should first consider what type of riding you most often do. "Mountain bike riding" is a broad concept that includes a super jump drop from a cross-country match in a Leica tights to a full body protective equipment in a red bull crash. Most riders have a clear idea of what kind of ride they are suitable for, which also affects their choice of bicycles.

Cross-country riding

Cross country riding is usually mounted on some gentle paths, usually on pedals. The bicycle designed for this kind of ride usually has a front and rear shock stroke, or less than 4 inches (10 centimeters). Cross country mountain bikes usually have a 29 inch wheel diameter and hard tail. Cross country riders want lighter, less restricted shorts, making the pedaling most efficient and the best ventilation. In this kind of riding sport, the protection and durability are not very important. If you are a professional player in a cross-country game, you may consider wearing a Leica shorts in a road race, because there is no loose part of the shorts that will prevent you from moving, and the tight design is most consistent with aerodynamics. On the contrary, if you take part in a road race, but do not like standard tight shorts, you can choose a lighter cross-country shorts.

Stamina riding

Endurance cycling is a hot word in the world of mountain bike riding this time. But there are many differences in how to define mountain bike endurance cycling, including riding on the technical terrain. The venue for endurance races is sometimes the location of the original cross-country race, so it is best to call it "all-around" mountain bike ride. 5 to 6 inches (13-15 centimeters) of the shock ride and full suspension of mountain bikes are suitable for this type of ride. Most people just call this kind of riding "mountain riding". They usually use 27.5 inches or 650B tyres, between 26 inches and 29 inches of standard mountain bike. Regardless of the size of the car you buy (27.5 inches), when you buy riding shorts for this ride, you have to balance protection, pedaling, all terrain features, and so on.

Quick drop

The core of downhill is to drop, preferably using a 8 inch (20 centimeter) travel bipedal front fork mountain bike. Even if you are a well trained riding machine, often riding a skiing road with a cableway or a Northshore stunt show, the speed landing needs more protection. It is best to wear a full coverage helmet, goggles, neck support, elbow protectors and kneecaps.

Suitable shorts for shorts should be very long, with larger trouser legs that can cover the upper ends of the kneecap. Durability is very important because it is a common phenomenon to bump on the rough terrain. Riding in a fully mature bicycle park, you have more time to leave the seat than sitting on it, so you may need a thick, unlined short riding shorts.


The gasket is a cushion placed in the area of your body touching the cushion. Bicycle liners were made of soft leather before, but modern synthetic materials are used today. The cushion pad between your crotch and cushion reduces friction. The liner is the sign of riding shorts. One exception is downhill riding shorts, because backups are basically not cushioned. These riding shorts have no pads and are designed for special types of riding.

Our judgement on the quality of the liner is first matched with the shape of the body sitting on the cushion. We recommend the use of dense liner, with multiple thickness areas, using smooth, seamless coat of absorbent material. When sitting on the cushion, the liner should be between the body and the cushion. The riders usually ride in a more vertical position than the road car, so the riders and the cushions touch the back of the buttocks, and a fine mountain bike shorts liner should be sewn up a little behind the shorts.


Mountain bike shorts often have a variety of functions. Here, we suggest that you first consider what type of riding you often do, and what functions do you need for this type of riding. We recommend that you buy shorts with only the functions you need. The gaudy function is often hindrance and increases the price of shorts.

For cross-country riders and endurance riders, they often carry a water bag, so they don't need pockets on shorts. But most riders riding in bicycle parks do not carry bags. They want to have a few zipped pockets on their shorts to bring them a bicycle tool or a web site they use to record Strava (a record and analysis of your riding data, while riding with smart phone software or GPS to record data. " Then upload to the website for analysis) data device. If you don't consider your riding type, we suggest shorting pockets with zipper seals instead of Velcro or no seals. We don't suggest that you put any valuable items except the Gu energy stick in a unsealed pocket, because when you scream in the rocky terrain, the stuff in your pocket tends to drop out quietly.


Buying the right size shorts is also very important. We recommend that if you prefer to dress loosely or your size is exactly on the upper edge of the size table, choose a slightly larger shorts.

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