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The function of Sublimation Cycling Wear


Bicycle racing is a fierce competition for athletes' speed, endurance and skills. It is also a competition between high and new riding equipment. Cycling is subject to careful consideration of styles and colors, while the selection and development of functional fabrics is the key to design. From a professional point of view, riding clothing can be roughly divided into three categories: riding underwear, road riding clothing and riding coat. The types can be divided into male riding clothes, female riding clothes and riding accessories. Riding accessories can also be divided into riding gloves, riding sleeves, riding caps, riding shoes and riding windbreaker.

Because of the tight wearing of riding underwear, the comfort of fabrics is very high. When the weather is cold, it is usually used for polyester fabric with good heat insulation, air permeability and heat insulation. When the weather is hot, the light fabric of sweating, breathable and easy to wash quickly becomes the first choice, such as mesh polyester fabric. Many companies also focus on sterilization and deodorization. A number of riding underwear companies launched a deodorizing fiber called effect in 2004. The addition of silver ions that are not seen by the naked eye in the polyester fiber can effectively reduce the growth of bacteria in the underwear.
The most important feature of road riding clothing is to pay attention to protection, close fitting and comfort, and add some details.
The modified polyester fabric is not only high in strength, but also conducive to capillary action.
When the weather is cold, it is necessary to choose the fabric that is sweaty, breathable and warm, usually with the back flattened fabric, the front is flat, suitable for the heat sublimation transfer printing, the back flats, warm and comfortable, the most suitable for cold weather riding. Elastic Leica fabric close to the skin, reduce the friction between the legs and riding pants, can prevent the inner thigh abrasion, very suitable for high speed riding, while having good perspiration and air permeability.

Because of the high risk of road riding, there are reflective signs for riding clothes, reflective materials and reflective characters are not only ornaments, but also the "night vision discrimination" design for riding sports equipment. In order to prevent nocturnal vehicle damage to riders, traffic accidents mostly occur at night, in which more than 92% of the car's damage to the rider is caused by the rider's no night vision equipment. For example, the reflective materials used in Holland riding clothes are all "American 3M 500 pearl visual beauty" reflective series, with visual distance of more than 300 meters, which can effectively prevent the danger of riding.

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