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Selection techniques of windbreaker


       (1) style: there are two kinds, one is shoulder over shoulder, the other is shoulder less. Over the shoulder in segmentation is horizontal line segmentation, can highlight the shoulder lines, show the dry side. Double shoulder is used before and after shoulder, and some shoulders are covered with water on the front and back pieces, which not only increases the fastness of shoulders, but also protects against rain and cold.

       (2) collar: there are standing collar, collar, flip collar and so on. Collar, neckline closed, not other decoration, give people a strict and stable feeling; close collar, can be open, make people feel comfortable and convenient; refutation collar, not only the collar angle, the head of a lot of style, but also double, single breasted and four buckle, five grain buckle.
       (3) modeling: similar to the coat, there is a clear waist, the lower swing is wider, more concise than the coat modeling, flexible, and many changes; most of the style of the windcoat is divided into cutting principle. Women's windbreaker is usually divided by soft lines, and men's windbreaker is mostly made of hard lines.
       (4) bag type: bag type and collar type, garment modeling structure and shoulder loops, belts and other accessories should be unified and coordinated.
       (5) color: most of them are beige, milky white, with colorful clothes, scarves, scarves or ties. Many colors such as dark blue, sea blue, purple red, earth red, olive green, silver grey and so on have also appeared.
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