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Washing of Sublimation Cycling Wear


    General attention should be paid to the following problems: before washing, we must see clearly the washing instructions on the washing marks. The washing label is usually below the collar of the jacket; the washing instructions for trousers are usually below the logo of the waist.

    Because the riding clothes are all nylon, polyester, and other high-tech chemical fiber fabrics, they have the characteristics of good quality protection, no shrinkage, not easy to deform, do not wash the color, easy to take care of, so it is best to wash separately according to the washing instructions.

    But many families like to wash with other clothes because they are convenient, fast, energy saving and water-saving. It does not matter, as long as the water temperature is not more than 40 degrees, the depth of clothing separate, no use of super alkaline, super acid washing material under the premise that can be washed with other clothes.

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