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What are the rules of volleyball jersey


1. Clothing
The players' clothes include tops, shorts, socks and sports shoes.
1 the jacket, shorts and socks must be uniform, neat and uniform.

2 sports shoes must be soft, light rubber soles or leather shoes without heels. In the FIVB World competition, the colors of the shoes of the team must be consistent, and the color and design of the trademarks can be different.

3 the jacket must be numbered with sequence number 1~18.
A) the number must be in the middle of the front and back, and is distinctly different from the color of the coat.
B) the front number is at least 10 centimeters high, the rear number is at least 15 centimeters high, and the stroke width is at least 2 centimeters.
4 under the captain's coat chest number, there should be a ribbon mark of 8 cm long and 2 cm wide.
5 it is forbidden to wear clothes that do not conform to the rules or have different colors from other members of the same team.
Two. Change of clothing
First, the referee can allow one or more athletes:
A) do not wear shoes to compete.
B) change the wet sportswear during or after the replacement, but the new garment must be of the same color, pattern and number.
C) when the weather is cold, the first referee can allow the team to wear training clothes for the competition. But the colors and styles of the team must be the same and have the prescribed number.
Three. Prohibition of wearing clothing and articles
1 it is prohibited to wear articles that may cause injury and are conducive to human augmentation.

2 players can wear glasses to compete, but the risk is conceited.

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