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Why the Holland Hockey jersey is an Orange


    Generally speaking, the hockey national team uniform is closely related to the color of the flag, but the Holland uniforms have nothing to do with the red, white and blue colors of the national flag.

    In the history of Holland, the marriage between the royal families made most of its areas controlled by the Burgundy royal house in France, and in 1516 Marie, the princess of Burgundy, married the emperor of Austria, and then Holland became the property of the Habsburg royal family. In 1555, the 28 year old Spanish King Philip II, a devout Catholic with the blood of the Habsburg family, inherited the royal power of Habsburg and became the new ruler of Holland. The irrelevant governor of Spain came from the distant Spain, which caused the intense dissatisfaction of the oppressed people of Holland, while the Spanish crab * activities were becoming more and more hot, and the government sent the Duke of Alfa, called the "messenger of hell" and "horrible pronouns" to Holland, to slaughter. Protestant。 In contrast, the Holland Grand Duke of the grand duke, William, as the leader and independence, has unveiled the prelude to the 80 years of Holland's independence war, while William, the Grand Duke of orango, was born in Burgundy and now in the southern French family of orango - the orange in his name - Orange It became the color of the representative of Holland.

    Another saying is that a female athlete in Holland took the Olympic champion. She was wearing an orange suit, and why the Dutch celebrated her, and the orange became the home color of the Holland team.

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