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How to wear a figure skating suit


       Figure skating suit mainly adopts the high elastic texture of elastic velvet, elastic yarn, elastic brushed, high elastic spandex and cotton spandex fabric, with elegant Chiffon skirt.

       Elastic yarn, Georgette, selected fabric warmth, breathable, durable, washable, absorbent, bright color, luster and elasticity are very good. In the slightest, it will not affect the extension of the movement, it is not easy to deform, with the inner lining, more upscale, and the fine crystal diamond is attached to the body.

       The costume of figure skating should be beautiful and generous. During the game, men's upper body clothing is not restricted, straight leg pants suit pants to wear fit, usually with black skates; woman wearing tight Jumpsuit skirt, usually with white skates. Routine exercises can be worn in general sportswear.

       Figure skating requires players clothing must be suitable for sports, to be elegant; in order to express the music style and features, allowing participants to design their own clothing, but the decoration on clothing, such as feathers, sequins, beads and so on should be less, and not in the game which fell into the ice.

       Men do not wear clothing chest, female athletes may not wear on the skin under the skirt hem Zuo; clothing, should be more than the hips.

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