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Development of Basketball Jerseys


From the beginning of the birth of basketball to the present, the basketball shirt can be described as a dramatic change. From the early shorts, to today's high tech materials, what's a history of development?

Let's take a brief look at it.

Back to 1891, when Naismith invented basketball, he used it as a game that made the indoor sports lessons interesting in winter. He didn't expect that it would cause great repercussions in the crowd, and would not even think basketball would enter the Olympic Games. Basketball shirts, of course, have not been considered. So the earliest basketball shirt, extremely follow the player's personal wishes, what to wear.

But basketball is still a game. Everyone looks good and comfortable in different clothes, but it is often the phenomenon of passing the ball to the opponent in the game. In order to prevent this phenomenon from happening. The University Student Union and the union worked hard to harmonize the uniform of clothing. In order to avoid this phenomenon, standardized and recognizable basketball uniforms were made.

Basketball is becoming more and more popular and a lot of people are involved in the sport. In 1920, the basketball professional league was born. Professionalization needs to be standardized. So the rules, sites and shirts are no longer ever-changing, and gradually tend to be unified. The first set of standardized basketball shirts also came into being. This basketball clothing is the upper wool knitted sweater, cotton lining and shorts, shirt printed with the name, the system is modeled on the design of shorts, soccer and football pants with belt, add a bit, the shorts are sponsored by Spalding.

Before 1930, cotton and wool were the main material for the production of clothing. But in 1930s, nylon and polyester were invented. By the middle of 1940, synthetic materials had become the raw materials for most garments, including basketball jerseys.

By the end of 60s, players' names could finally appear on the Jersey. At the same time, the teams began to use the same ball clothing produced by the same manufacturer to ensure the uniformity of their shirts.

At the beginning of 80s, MacGregor Sand-Knit became the sole provider of NBA clothing -- they started introducing cotton polyester mix and gradually stop the use of "Satin shorts" system, and they are also referenced to "Jersey hole", this shirt has made great strides in terms of perspiration. But at this stage each player's shirt is designed according to the standard size.

In 1984, with President David Stern and flying man Jordan joining NBA, NBA became a sports market and entertainment organization of market internationalization and product diversification from a sports league which only relies on box office. With the commercialization process, the alliance's jersey suppliers began to launch a "personalized customized" service. Jordan, the God of basketball, began to wear long shorts and loose suits, and the other players followed. In late 80s, Jersey will become more relaxed, but also a lot of shorts lengthened, NBA LOGO in 1986 to join in.

In 1989, after the Champion Inc became the exclusive supplier of the league, the clothing patterns and styles of each team began to change. Orlando and Sherlock joined the magic wasp Shutiao patterns in their shirts, a team of 76 people in uniforms add a row of fan star sign.

In 1997, Nike and Starter joined the ranks of jerseys. The manufacturer uses the new textile technology, and by removing the traditional team logo, the player number twill multilayer knitting process reduces the weight of the Jersey and enhances the air permeability. Other innovative technologies include "the introduction of wide shoulder design", "improve the flexibility of material" and so on. To produce a variety of team uniforms for each team. With the continuous process of NBA, the NBA shirt not only keeps innovating on the material, but also has a connection with the fashion circle. Orlando hired New York art design master Jane Barnes designed the shirt, a big star, instead of the letter "A", "Magic" is embedded in the middle of the word (Magic), small stars dotted around a few thin vertical stripes diffuse in the meantime, the magic ball clothing is "instant high grade atmosphere. "

In 2006, after Adidas took over the NBA shirt, the use of the multi version of the shirt reached its peak. The many kinds of "tights" that are used in the shirt are also welcomed by the players. NBA and the team are in addition to subject and object, two guest jerseys have launched a variety of topics including Jersey, Mardi Gras (St. Patrick's Day festival Eid before the carnival), Hardwood retro series and latin.

In 2013, the Jinzhou warriors announced the first "modern short sleeved" version of NBA, which they would wear in future home games. They will wear the new short sleeved uniform for the first time in the match against San Antonio. In addition, the warriors will wear this short sleeved uniform in the competition against rockets and bulls. Adidas, as a NBA team service provider, says the uniforms are super light, stretchable, and provide maximum ventilation to ensure the comfort of the players. The Jersey contains 360 degrees of elastic fabric, which is beneficial to the arms and shoulders. Adidas expects to launch a similar short sleeved shirt for other teams in the next season.

In 2014, a short sleeved shirt to rule the whole Union, whether Christmas or the NBA all star game, you can see the players on the pitch wearing short sleeved murder. Some media said that the promotion of NBA short sleeved shirt is to make their shirt more down to earth, let the fans do not exercise can also be openly dressed.

We don't know the style of the NBA shirt in the future...

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