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The Origin of Baseball Jersey


       Baseball clothing is a derivative of baseball culture. The birthplace of baseball is in the United States and its popularity is comparable to that of Chinese table tennis. The development of baseball culture in the United States is manifested in the linguistic distinction between the two types of clothing.
       The first is baseball uniform, which refers to uniforms worn by baseball players, and of course, the clothes worn during the game.

       Baseball uniform is a complete set including baseball caps, shirts, pants, shoes, socks, and gloves. One baseball jersey is called baseball jersey. Most of the baseball uniforms have different colors and logos to identify their teams and they can also identify the two teams and players.

       The first appearance of this baseball uniform was in 1849 at the New York Knickerbockers Baseball Club. After decades of popularization and development, at the end of the 19th century, all teams in the United States gradually put on uniform baseball uniforms, and the initial jerseys affected by cricket have also evolved into round neck blouses that are more in line with movement requirements. The first time the number appeared on the baseball uniform was 1916, but it was on the left shoulder, and it was not until 1929 that it began to be placed behind. Since then, no matter how the era evolved, the basic style of baseball jerseys has not changed. Only the position of color, material, or trademark changes. This reflects the classic and trend of baseball blouses from the side.
       The other is the more popular baseball jacket or baseball jacket.
       From its name it is also known that this type of clothing is related to sports, and this sport is baseball.
       In 1865, Harvard University in the United States recognized the school’s letter “H” on the shirt of a team player who performed well in the school baseball team as a recognition. This unique ceremony was quickly circulated among American colleges and universities. It also entered high school and evolved from embroidered letter shirts, blankets, and sweaters all the way to the “school jackets” tradition today. The appearance of the "varsity sweater" before the baseball jacket replaced was the earliest in the 1930s. Today, many schools in the United States maintain this habit of awarding baseball jackets with the school's initial letters to students who have achieved outstanding results in sports, arts, and even academics. This has made baseball jackets a glory. This may also be the source of letterman. So the baseball jacket is likely to be developed from the jacket and influenced by the baseball top, adding some baseball elements to form the current baseball jacket.
       Although the original baseball jacket design differs from today, several important features are well preserved because these details are the difference and charm of baseball jackets and other jackets.
       1, the most important is the upper body color and sleeve color are generally not the same, which is affected by baseball uniform style.
       2, the other is the cuffs and collars that are generally colored stripes.
       3, there is a letter patch stickers. The initial baseball jackets appeared to bear the needs of campus performance and honors, then the alphabet patch patch representing the school was the soul element of this mission. The letter patch is made of chenille yarn, with a length and width of between 10 cm and 20 cm. It is mostly the first letter of the school. It also has a two or three letter abbreviation. It grants students the power to represent the school. It is undoubted for students. It is an important honor. In addition to letters, patches often reflect the team's mascot and special achievements. If you win the championship of an important game, you will also embroider the trophy on the back of the jacket. When students graduate, they also have the custom of stitching the graduation year and the student's name to their sleeves.
       At the end of the 20th century, American “preppy chic” was prevalent. Baseball jackets never came out of the campus accidentally, and were especially loved by hip-hop music culture. Since then, they have gradually become indispensable fashion elements for men’s wear, and they also have a certain audience in women’s clothing. Baseball uniforms have become popular in China in recent years. Today, they have become more girls than baseball boys. Baseball uniforms are lightweight, lively and full of vitality, and they have been added with countless fashion elements. It is reasonable to be able to be popular.
       The conclusion is that baseball uniform refers to both baseball uniform and baseball jersey. The popular baseball jacket is indeed related to baseball. It is a cultural derivative of baseball and its development has also been influenced by baseball uniforms.
       Baseball is a very suitable project for Asians. It is very popular in Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. We hope that more and more people will experience baseball fun together! I hope that everyone who wears a baseball cap and goes through a baseball uniform can play baseball together!
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