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The bevelopment of Cheerleading Clothing


       The cheerleading team is a team, combined with dance, slogans, and dance partner special effects. It refers to the difficult movements, techniques and other movement techniques of the lifting movements, and matches music, clothing, team changes and distinguished items (such as Balls, slogans, and horns). With flags) and other elements called cheerleaders.

       The original cheering team dates back to the American university campus in the 1880s. It was in the form of a football game in college. A leader stood in front of a large group of people and led them to cheer for their team.
       Into the 20th century: The cheerleading performance form began to be enriched: the emergence of megaphones, paper pompoms and other props in women's role in the cheerleading team is increasingly important, but also began to incorporate dancecics into the cry.
       In the fifties and sixties: The college cheerleaders began to have their own training courses and training courses, taught basic skills and established a regular pace of pompoms, and promoted them.
70s:. In addition to cheering for traditional rugby and basketball matches, cheerleading teams began to support all the school's sports. In the spring of 1978, the Columbia Broadcasting Corporation broadcasted the school cheerleading for the first time to the United States on television. Since Then, the cheerleading team has been recognized as a serious sport. . At this time, the skills of the greeting leading team greatly greatly improved, such as increasing gymnastics, taking the pyramids, and jumping into the air.
       In the 1970s, the first club to create a competitive atmosphere for sports competitions was founded at Princeton University.
       In 1884, a graduate of Princeton University, Tom Peebles, spread cheerleading as a competitive motivational game and American football to the University of Minnesota.
       In the 1890s, organized cheering events and the first song to encourage athletes to compete in the game were born at the University of Minnesota.
       In the 1920s, women were active in cheerleading events. The Cheerleaders of the University of Minnesota began to integrate gymnastic movements and rollovers into action.
       In the 1950s, college cheerleaders began to set up cheerleading classes to teach basic skills.
       In 1967, the "Top 10 University Cheerleaders" ranking first appeared. The International Cheerleading Federation awarded the "National Cheerleading Award."
       In the 1970s, cheerleaders began to appear in various games and even served wrestling, swimming and track and field competitions.
       In 1978, CBS broadcasted the University Cheerleading Championship for the first time.
       In the 1980s, the nationwide cheering competition in the United States was widely held in junior high schools, high schools, and universities.
       In the 1990s: All major state and junior high schools in the United States have their own cheerleading and group associations, and established their own cheering party website as well as the national contest - the National Collegiate Cheerleading Contest. This is the highest-profile contest In the United States. Very high honor.
       Today, cheerleaders have become a unique sports culture that affects the world.
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