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Collocation of Windcoat


       As a man, wearing a windcoat will make you better, more resolute, and more reliable at once. Oh, it may get worse immediately. This is the influence of the windcoat. So, how does it affect you in the end?

       It is absolutely not a bad thing to know more about the wind coat. Windbreaker was in a man's world classic movie more than half a century, from "Casablanca" in Humphrey Bogart, "Waterloo Bridge" in the Robert Taylor, even to the "distant call" in the "Le Samurai Ken Takakura serious in speech and manner or" the killer Alain Delon, compared with the more sexy, windbreaker "Fortitude", "grace", "reliable" these words together. The style is shaped by the image of the screen, and the fortitude and reliability are inseparable from the origin of the wind coat.

       But when it comes to coat, dark gray, navy blue and green and brown in fact than the Classic Beige Khaki or some of the more interesting, in addition to the conventional collocation work brings a new way, these dark - there are also other benefits not only to face lining more clean, put on the most simple white, gray T-shirt is also easier to compare visual effect.

       In fact the main fashion in Khaki windbreaker always have a good friendship with Safari style, even if you don't have a full seven days of vacation time to fly to the African savannah hunting, a khaki windbreaker make you in good out of a bandbox. Let's see, it's not that we are going to talk about the royal family. But the queen and husband Philip wear the windbreaker when they wear a windbreaker. They often turn over the tone brand when they travel by plane.

       The young generation of the British royal family has always maintained a friendly  interaction with the windbreaker.  As a matter of fact, fashion men will probably recommend it to the real secret weapon of the windbreaker fashion match -- the "Art of the trench" street shooting event planned by Burberry. You can in the global fashion collocation technique learned overhangs windbreaker, but also from some other people get to how to dress appropriately windbreaker way; however, the following tips are always used when Collocation: really do not know how to ride, why don't you go to several mainstream online shopping site for inspiration -- online shopping site selling is now the look, in order to show a windbreaker will have a professional stylist a whole new outfit, you can search all the coat single product, and you like it, click it to see how the stylist around it a collocation outfit -- although mostly go well the route, but finally appropriate not to lose face, and costumes used in styles are generally more "homely", let you easily imitate. In addition, one's own style with online shopping site to help themselves out of type, do you find, sometimes, is also very good qualitative.

       For those who prefer "tide" style of the game player, in our proposal in the list, you can not let go of those with a bunch of fascinating technical parameters of Hooded windbreaker, wear on the body immediately full of vitality of young people are present.

       If you have a natural envy such as model like height, then the mid thigh length coat must be wrong, because it will make you look like you are wearing a skirt like, the best length is just above the knees, while the arm also had better leave a little space, convenient activities.

       175 cm is a standard for most men to measure height. So consider a windbreaker, preferably the length of the knee, and the shoulder line should fit just because you don't want to wear it like a detective in the clothes.

       The figure is component of the people, the best choice to give the body enough space of the coat, but also because the relationship between the chest and waist, best not to learn other people posing, the coat belt fastened in front, because it will make you look like a squeeze on a dress inside.


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