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Teach you the most popular sports collocation


       What happens when the classic shirt meets the hot sports pants? These two seemingly incongruous items can impact the surprise effect. Today, take a look at how to use shirts and pants to create a lazy and casual style.

       The shirt is a woman in the closet is the most classic all-match single product of silk, cotton, denim, almost everyone must have so few. The collocation of almost no shirt do a dress, casual, jeans, skirts are acceptable collocation of different styles. But in the face of sports pants many people still have some hesitation, not sure whether such a combination can be harnessed. But in fact, when shirts and pants, these two seemingly unmatched ones, can be perfectly coordinated to produce a surprise effect.
       In addition to formal shirts, most shirts and sports pants are casual and casual products. Proper matching can produce wonderful results and create a natural and dynamic image. They can also be a variety of shoes, boots, collocation of Oxford shoes and even flip flops, moving wind easily out of the season's most popular. Today, I want to share with you how to choose and match shirts and sports pants to keep up with the most popular sports this year.
       The most basic collocation is a casual white shirt with black or gray sports pants, and sports pants should choose the design of small feet. Or all colors of shirts with pure color sports pants, and feel comfortable and comfortable. The classic cowboy shirt is also a good choice, and almost all colors of the sports pants can be easily harnessed.
       And the upcoming summer, all kinds of designed silk shirts is also a good choice. The most popular satin pants in the past two years can create the most popular casual wind, which makes you cool and fashionable this summer. Besides, there are all kinds of collocation, so long as we are bold in giving full play to our imagination and creativity, shirts and sports pants can collide and sell unexpected shapes.
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