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How to choose yoga clothes


1、Comfortable and natural

  Yoga clothing or comfortable, natural, functional-based. Because yoga has a lot of general movements that stretch the body, and it is not only a few angles of movement. Therefore, if you wear cotton and linen loose and comfortable clothing, although it is very airy and comfortable, but sometimes it will be due to the lack of flexibility of the fabric, there is bound to sense. In addition, because of our movements, there may be shoulders, etc., postures on the head and feet, if the underwear is too loose, there will be a dilemma of sliding down, leaving the abdomen or legs exposed. Wear moisture wicking cloth. Although this material is not a pure natural material, but there is an advantage: after sweating, it is indeed better than cotton and linen perspiration, and not because of the wet clothes stick to the body, the time may be long eczema, more Discomfort. There are many types of fabrics that absorb moisture and perspiration.

  Bamboo fiber is a new type of natural fiber. It is a natural bamboo fiber made by a combination of physical and chemical methods. Natural bamboo fiber and bamboo pulp fiber are essentially different. Bamboo fiber is a natural fiber. Bamboo fiber is a chemical fiber. . The successful development of bamboo fiber marks the birth of another natural fiber, which is in line with the national industrial development policy. Natural bamboo fiber with moisture, breathable, antibacterial antibacterial, deodorant, anti-UV and other good performance.
3, style
Simple, generous, neat. Do not wear too many accessories (especially metal), belts or knots on your clothes to prevent chrome from hitting your body and causing unnecessary injuries. Should be stretched freely with all four limbs, the whole body will not feel bound.
4, style
The cuffs of the tops should not be tightly tied, and natural openness is appropriate. The trousers should be tightly stretched or tied. It is appropriate to have some back-to-back movements in yoga. The tightening can prevent the pants from falling. Winter clothes are mainly pants and long coats. Summer short pants can be equipped mainly with trousers.

  Try to choose fresh and elegant colors, and use pure colors as the best. This will allow your visual nerves to relax and calm yourself down quickly. Do not let the color is too jumpy, glamorous, make you feel excited colors try not to wear when practicing yoga. The best yoga instructor in white.

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