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How to choose soccer jersey


Taobao search football service keywords, we can find all kinds of buyers across the various jerseys, read five minutes later we must have been dazzled, then how to find their right jersey it? Here I analyze and contrast several common jerseys on the market. I hope that everyone can help with their purchase.

1, Hong Kong version of jerseys: Not produced in Hong Kong jerseys, but the use of the Hong Kong plate only, because the plate in Hong Kong more professional, and can be updated at any time, so the appearance is superior to domestic products. However, the Hong Kong version is often sent to mainland manufacturers for mass production, according to the quality of the manufacturer's mood. Therefore, even if the name of the Hong Kong version is used, it does not make much sense. Hong Kong version of the general price of 70 - 110, due to differences in production costs and transit channels have a price difference, so it is likely that you spend 110 yuan to buy the shirt and 70 yuan is the same oh!
2, the fans version: that is, we often say that common jerseys, relative to the player version, the real market price of jerseys generally 400-600 yuan, unless a lot of outdated goods or a lot of pressure to seldom buy within 400 yuan Because, after all, through the exploitation of Nike Adi and other brands of agents in China, there are still some tariffs, so the price is hard to be cheap.
3, Thai version of jerseys: of course, does not mean that the Thai-made jerseys, but the generic name for imitation jerseys, but it is indeed the highest title of fake jersey, jerseys in the appearance of style and genuine jersey do the same , But the quality of the unofficial set, if the Thai version of not false, friends or fans can choose according to their own needs, the market price of these products for the 120 - 180 yuan, the price difference is mainly determined by the jersey style ( Such as AC Milan's red and black striped shirt on the high cost). Because such jerseys were initially stolen from Thai jerseys and then produced and subsequently researched and copied, they were called Thai versions.

4, player version: is the players wearing jerseys in the off-site, but not from their body Pa off Oh, this shirt emphasis on perspiration, comfort, using a lot of advanced fabric technology, so the price of natural It will be cheap, and the general market price will be between 700 and 1,000 yuan, plus the printing number will be about 200 yuan more.

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