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Volleyball jersey Women's clothing collocation technique


For personal clothing style style of classification, as well as various types of dress up method, a consensus in early 800 fashion tide, but specific to when you face a person, how to quickly and precisely in accordance with the style of his (her) own law type as a result, and can be understand and grasp object, make ordinary people dress up life science and law, it is hard to solve this problem. After years of clothing style rule diagnostic technique training teaching and summarizes a large number of cases have mastered a large amount of data, successfully identified in accordance with Chinese characteristics of the human body "type" characteristics concrete testing methods -- personal clothing style analysis system.
The CMB China headquarters qi xin colour dress collocation style test:
Taken the personal positioning: test your color range
Using international standards to measure your personal exclusive color type season, clear you dress and his coloring rules, and do in-depth analysis, teach you a variety of occasions the classic color.
U style positioning: to determine the most appropriate business attire and casual wear clothing styles

Depending on your age, height, body image, work needs and living environment, etc, to determine the most appropriate business attire and casual wear all kinds of occasion styles; Including shoes, hats, scarves, ties, glasses, belts, watches, jewelry and so on style, quality, design, etc.

U shape body line (ms) analysis, is clear about your body
Taken the diagnosis and clothing style positioning technology

1) girl type: kind, lovely, look young for your age a lot. Has some characteristics of innocence, emphasize the exquisite, delicate feeling.

Elegant type: 

2) with a rich woman flavour, soft, elegant and inside collect, gentle, tender.

3) type: romantic charming, enchanting amorous feelings, with mature women's charm.
4) young type: lively, handsome, capable and free and easy, concise, relaxed, as a male dress instead can foil the charm of women.
5) avantgarde: fashionable, cool, do STH unconventional or unorthodox, the overall emphasis on fashion, unique style of personality glamour extremely.
6) the ancient typical: dignified, calm and steady, traditional, noble, delicate, can have a rich ancient beauty fan.
7) nature: generous, kind, honest, easy-going, can wear casual clothes very natural and unrestrained.
8) drama type: exaggeration, luxuriant, visual impact.
9) the European and American style: fashion, tide, along with the gender, simple, prefer van street types of New York.

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