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Sublimation Polo Shirt Black collocation


      In our life, we often distress for the clothing color is tie-in. Here I'd like to share some of my you collocation technique. Black as a joker color, then start with the black!
Black is all sorts of color the best color, in addition to avoid is used a black bride, at other times, the black can be used alone or to cooperate. Black clothing on design, line with concise give priority to, because too complicated clipping is not easy to spot, as a kind of waste. Wear black clothes is all about the outline, it must be very obvious, to make the modelling, seems particularly outstanding.

      Remember there is a kind of underwear is made of black gauze, stick on the skin, create the impression of a very sexy. In addition, some people also use black bud silk yarn made smock, wearing at nightfall, flashing a mysterious temperament, for middle-aged women, dressed in black veil should be conform to the requirements of the mature beauty more than white yarn. Women like to wear qipao, if outside a black velvet coat collocation, immediately let the person has the feeling of a kind of dignified and solemn. Wear black clothes, in order to avoid the whole body black, should be in another color of accessories to mitigate drab feeling. For example, can match the golden scarf or red bracelet, leather shoes or to reconcile with black or dark brown.

      If the upper and lower two pieces type costume, so can be served with a variety of colors, like black T-shirt and red veil half sleeve coat. Can also be on the black skirt, trousers, deserve to go up orange, relatively strong contrasting colors such as white, yellow coat. If deserve to go up with feathers worn a black, xionghua, most can show the feathers of gentleness. The whole sense of style is more soft.
One thing to note, that is the middle of the black and the collocation of color is not easy to please. Such as pink, gray, light blue, pale straw green soothing colors together, black will lose a strong contraction effect, and become a lack of personality.
      Pale, when wearing black clothes, especially can appear but quenching, so don't make up and wear black clothes, is likely to produce a kind of morbid. Dressed in a black dress is most need emphasize makeup, because black is absorbed all the brilliance, if their face is too weak, it will give a person a kind of depressing feeling, use cosmetics, the appropriate foundation with deep red, rouge with dark red, eye shadow can freely choose any color, such as blue, green, coffee, silver, notice should be fully three-dimensional sense of bright eyes, and the appropriate lipstick with purplish red or red bean paste, with big red nail polish. Pink mouth of the red clothes conflict each other, do not seem to harmonize and should be avoided.



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