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Costume design on the style, color, fabric


      Clothing styles, colors and fabrics is the three basic elements of clothing design.
The design of clothing is clothing external contour shapes and details of parts shape, is the foundation of the design changes. External contour shape formed by the length of the clothes and latitude, including waist line, dress length, shoulder width, hem elements such as loose degrees. The outline of the most common shape of an "A", "X", T, H, O, etc. Clothing external contour shape formed a clothing line, and directly determine the style of popular or not. The modelling of parts details refers to the collar, sleeves, pockets, cutting structure even folds, zipper, button design.

      In the design of clothing color change is the most eye-catching part. Clothing design of colour is the easiest way to express feelings, and is easy to be accepted by     consumers. Fiery red, bright yellow, and blue quiet and holy white, plain, solid black, the ash of clothing each color has a wealth of emotional characterization, give a person with rich connotation of lenovo. In addition, the color and the weight, the strength, the changes in temperature and the hard and soft feeling, etc., of course, colour also can let us to extrapolate in taste and smell.

      Mastering and using the fabric quality is the important condition of immature designers should have, designers must first understand the fabric thickness, and the difference between hard and soft, smooth and acerbity, three-dimensional smooth, through the fabric of different lubricious feeling, gloss, clear sense, thickness and different elasticity, drape, etc, to carefully understand different in style and brand, and flexible use of it in the design.
      Different quality, texture of fabric perfect collocation, can show the designer's artistic skills and taste more. All sorts of modelling of clothing styles, not only on the design drawing, but with a variety of different fabrics and cutting technology, to master and apply skillfully fabric design will be handy.
      Clothing style, color and fabric, these three parts are short of one cannot, the designer must master the basic knowledge of. Grasp of the basic knowledge of design, colors, fabrics and use also can reflect a certain level designer of the aesthetic temperament and interest, taste and artistic language.

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