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Sublimation Running Shirt The role of cycling shorts


      1, elastic fabric, is conducive to package the muscles of the hips, thighs, has certain functions to protect the movement muscle (functions and running effect of tight pants the same).

      2, tight design: to ride the wind resistance is reduced, the thigh moves up and down, reduce the friction inner thighs and saddle, protect the thigh skin from scratch. 

      3, the cushion design: can appropriate shock absorption, diffusion pressure distribution, reduce cycling discomfort and oppressive feeling, reduce the oppression of perineum, it is particularly important for men.).

      4, pants fabric and cushion material within the special: coolmax materials, can effectively guide and heat dissipation, send out sweat. In tight line riding pants not only can let the ride to pedalling, riding pants of pads in addition to increasing comfort; More can avoid friction, inner thighs and cushion pad is the choose and buy of cycling shorts; Quick drying, good liner should have perspiration coated strong sex and not hot, certainly can have the 3 d stereo clipping is best. Often see a 1st line in order to avoid riding pants that "tight" and deliberately choosing cycling shorts in large size; Results the waistband has been off, ride a sewing keep up... Visual points are also many (feel haven't ride a bike to lose step); Tight but poor ductility of cycling shorts can protect muscle function, can decrease muscle soreness and ride tired feeling.


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