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Cycling ShortsThe difference between fabrics


       Knitted fabrics and woven fabric distinction Knitted fabrics and woven fabrics due to the different methods in the knitting, processing technology, fabric structure, fabric characteristics, the use of finished products, have their own unique characteristics, in this for some comparison.
       (A) the composition of the fabric: (1) knitted fabric: the order of the yarn is bent into a coil, and the coil sets each other to form a fabric string, and the formation of the coil yarn process can be carried out horizontally or vertically, weft said Weft knitted fabric, while the longitudinal knit called warp knit fabric. (2) woven fabric: is composed of two or more than two groups of mutually perpendicular yarns, woven at 90 degree angle for latitude and longitude, the warp yarns are called warp yarns, and the yarns are weft yarns yarns are horizontal yarns.

       (B) the basic unit of fabric: (1) knitwear: knit fabric is the smallest basic unit, and the coil from the ring stem and extension line was a space curve. (2) woven fabric: Each intersection point between the warp and weft is called the organizational point, which is the smallest basic unit of the woven fabric.

       (C) the characteristics of fabric: (1) knitted fabric: Because the yarn is curved in the space formed by the yarn, and each coil is composed of a yarn, when the knitted fabric by external tension, such as longitudinal stretching, the coil Of the bending changes, and the coil height also increases, while reducing the width of the coil, such as tension is the horizontal stretch, the opposite is true, the height and width of the coil under different tension conditions, it is clearly convertible, so knitting Extensive material. (2) Woven fabric: the warp and weft yarns are somewhat weaved and the yarns are bent in a direction perpendicular to the plane of the fabric. The degree of bending is related to the mutual tension between warp and weft yarns and to the yarn stiffness. When the woven fabric is subjected to External tension, such as stretching in the longitudinal direction, increases the warp tension, bending is reduced, while the weft bending increases, such as longitudinal stretching non-stop, until the warp yarn completely stretched so far, while the fabric was transverse contraction. When the woven fabric is stretched in the transverse direction by external tension, the tension of the weft yarn is increased, the bending is reduced, and warp yarn bending is increased, for example, the transverse stretching is continued until the weft yarn is fully stretched while the fabric is longitudinally contracted. And by, weft will not happen conversion, and knitted fabric different.
       (D) the characteristics of fabric: (1) knitted fabric: can be extended in all directions, good flexibility, because knitted fabric is formed by the hole-shaped coil, a larger breathable performance, feel soft. (2) woven fabric: Because of the woven fabric, weft extension and contraction has little to do, does not occur conversion, so the fabric is generally more compact, very hard.
       (E) the physical and mechanical fabric: (1) knitted fabric: physical and mechanical properties of the fabric, including vertical density, horizontal density, square weight, elongation, elasticity, breaking strength, abrasion resistance, curling, Thickness, Dispersion, Shrinkage, Coverage, Bulk Density. (2) Woven fabric: the physical and mechanical properties of the woven fabric, including warp and weft yarn density, fabric edge, front and back, along the anti-wool direction, fabric coverage.



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