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Choose and buy clothes skills note version of choice


Version is critical, riding is a professional. Not like watermelon, watermelon. So choose cycling jerseys, must choose the professional. And professional cycling jerseys in version has considerable research. Very carefully.
Pay attention to the choice of fabric.
If it is a cycling underwear, because it is close-fitting dress, so for comfort of fabrics is very high. In the cold winter weather, often choose to keep warm, breathable and good heat insulation polyester fabrics. The weather is hot, we must choose the perspiration, breathable, washable quick-drying light fabric, such as mesh polyester fabrics, high-end is Meraklon company in the production of yarn woven fabrics. At the same time, we also can undertake some post-processing of fabrics, such as silver ion antibacterial deodorizes, or antibacterial fiber, etc.

Cycling characteristic is functional, protective clothing fabrics, close-fitting and comfortability, modified polyester fiber is not only high strength, flexibility, extensibility, good abrasion resistance, strong and durable; And using the capillary effect, good permeability and sweat, can be a lot of sweat flowing rapidly, keep skin dry.
Pay attention to the details of the cycling jerseys.
Don't know how to make clothes to determine the grade of the a dress? Want to see the details, see propaganda is useless. Detail can see the quality and grade of the product. What's the details? Please note the following points: work.
Sewn straight fit, smooth, not coarse thread, it is a symbol of quality. If you hand SANTIC, SMS, JOYRIDE, Skins, or Paladin cycling jerseys, you can use their cycling jerseys compare with other brands, you will find that the professional high-end brand products without connection, disconnection, and skipping. Little cable head no cut clean.



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