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The popularity of polo shirt and development


In the late 19th century early 20th century French lacoste tennis unlined upper garment, because of the rules need to be playing tennis need to wear long sleeve shirt and a tie. 1926, short-sleeved shirt by French tennis champion Rene Lacoste (Rene Mr Lacoste) introduced, in addition, he also invented the racket ball machines and metal. Lacoste has "Le Crocodile (alligator) the nickname," the nickname may come from the hit him on the field may also be from his unusual long nose, another theory is that in 1923 the United States before a game, Lacoste and teammates bet that if he won the race, he bought in a store like a Crocodile leather suitcase, then he lost, didn't buy that Crocodile leather suitcase, so his teammates call him a Crocodile.
Ralph Lauren is one of the most successful designer fashion, his design concept from the experience of life, and in the spirit that insist on American by Ralph Lauren, not only will the essence of American leisure around the world, to bring to design classic elegant demeanor, more simple, solid wear, easy to match the Polo unlined upper garment of more into a household classic.

As a result of the POLO unlined upper garment design is almost the same, so he comfort has become the biggest point of choose and buy. POLO shirt wear close-fitting in the body, be sure to make you feel comfortable, can breathe freely can absorb sweat. So, the fabric need to be very fastidious.

When the choose and buy what look at the clothes with cotton, fabrics have after finishing combing, any details of the hairiness, 40 double yarn structure is one of the best, it closely elastic, enduring bead to organize, granular, is not easy to deformation.
Lacoste first designs his own shirt has small rib neckline and ribbed shirt, garment body is longer, so that in the fierce competition is not easy to fall off, shirt placket buttons in the structure from the polo unlined upper garment.
The first white EYuShan immediately sparked a revolution in tennis field, replaced the tennis player was usually worn by traditional wool sizing long-sleeved shirt. This shirt is a little shorter than the other types of shirt, stiff collar shirt, with light texture, weaving fine "small plain single blanket cotton fabric for the fabric. Its wear comfortable, the advantages of strong wear-resisting remained until now, makes EYuShan different, unique brand.

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