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Riding equipment, not only can bring a comfortable riding experience, but also to a certain extent, to protect the safety of riders. Riding dedicated clothes, made from a variety of fabrics, can be selected according to need. In the spring can be replaced with Jackets or Fleece, its main function is to keep warm, quick-drying, breathable; in order to improve ride comfort.

Cycling pants for riders special pants, the length of the points and with a cushion in the buttocks, its main function is to reduce the friction between the legs in the bike, while the cushion to reduce riding a long  time will hurt the pain situation, improve Riding comfort
Helmet is the first equipment to ensure human safety during riding. XDS riding helmet lightweight helmet, made of high-strength foam pressed for head protection;
Ridding gloves
Special gloves for riders, half finger and all fingers of the points, the palm area to do thickening treatment; mainly used for crashing, reducing injuries and prevent wiping hands; you can also protect the hands while riding to reduce friction.

Ride glasses
According to wearing time, the lens can be divided into a variety of colors, usually dark gray, yellow, white. Yellow - Suitable for morning, evening sun exposure is relatively dark when worn; dark gray - suitable for sunshine at noon sufficient time to wear to block glare of sunlight; white, suitable for the weather dark or worn at night. Its main function is to block the sun, obstruct the dust; it can enhance the safety factor of outdoor riders.

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