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The difference between a polo shirts and t-shirts


      T-shirts, also called open unlined upper garment, open-necked shirts, t-shirts, English name is a generic term. Including round collar T-shirt, v-neck t-shirts, double collar T-shirt, fashion color T-shirt, and so on design, T-shirt design, free. Can fashion trends and business formally, can be plain, can be printed character. One of the round collar T-shirt, general also called t-shirts, sweatshirts, guanggu shan, such as a name.
POLO shirt, relative to the T-shirt, much more narrow scope and generally refers to the specific style lapel, open collar. Due to the international brand "POLO" Paul unlined upper garment, and derived a term - POLO unlined upper garment, such as round collar design, general is called POLO shirt, only a few people and generally called t-shirts.
       T-shirts, according to the records, t-shirts first appeared in ancient Rome. In ancient Rome hard rock restaurant, with Caesar had sailed through a t-shirts. Modern t-shirts really less than 100 years history. T-shirt is "t-shirts" transliteration, retained the initials "T" in English. Regardless of the source, the word t-shirts is really come out in the 1920 s, when the Webster dictionary include t-shirts which for the first time.

      POLO unlined upper garment, originated in the early 19th century. The earliest known as jersey shirt (jersey tshirt, is synonymous with jersey), it is used for soccer, boating and other sports wear. Then Ralph Lauren launched by American entrepreneurs "Ralph Lauren POLO" brand, Chinese hereinafter referred to as: "Lauren Ralph Paul", since the brand since its launch popular and famous in the world, the use and the size of the crowd, was later people habitually called the business casual open-necked shirts POLO unlined upper garment, since then, the name of the POLO shirt.
      T-shirts, complex structural design fashion, great variety, style change is usually in the neckline, hem and cuffs, colour, design, fabrics and colours on modelling. Among them the most big difference belongs to the collar, the difference between a general t-shirts of the collar is round collar shape, and POLO shirt collar is the shape of the collar.
T-shirts and POLO shirt is a big difference between position hem whether or not split, t-shirts hem directly alter commonly; The POLO unlined upper garment hem, generally in the left and right sides of the split, split generally in 5 cm in length, and than the pills after long 3 cm to 5 cm. This is the POLO unlined upper garment of a particular design style.
       The POLO unlined upper garment is tie-in style is given priority to with solemn and formal, professional; And the collocation of T-shirt style is given priority to with leisure and casual, fashion, avant-garde, T-shirt design style is complicated, exquisite fashion, casual, free, color combinations, bump color variety; Compared with t-shirts, POLO shirts design style is contracted, simple, business, formal, solemn. T-shirt will generally have many different colors of fabric cutting piece of color, color printing, or different pattern and POLO.

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