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    VOSEA  Apparel is a leading China manufacturer of custom sportswear and accessories for cycling, triathlon, running, athletics, cross country skiing and leisure time. Our portfolio of products that undergoes constant innovations includes cycling jerseys, pants, vests, jackets, overalls, caps, socks and a variety of other products and accessories .

    Nowadays, after 9 years of experience, VOSEA  sportswear focused on several areas:
Custom manufacture of sportswear and accessories with its own design for teams and individuals from the group of recreational and elite athletes.
Custom manufacture of sportswear, accessories and promotional items for corporate clients, organizers of events, festivals etc.
Production of sportswear and accessories in original design and under our own brand Dreamsport. This extensive collection is designed for the end users. It is sold almost exclusively through our own shop in several online stores.

    The basis of our own production is high quality technological equipment and usage proven fabrics.


    We print on Japanese printers MIMAKI by Italian colors J- Teckna on Swiss paper TRANSJET with FSC® certificate.Sublimation printing is a method in which by usage of temperature and pressure colors transform to gas and this leads to perfect transfer of dyes into the fiber structure. The fabric is thus printed with permanent, full-color and to environmental influences extremely durable printing.


    We use carefully selected and tested functional fabrics from Italian brands PLASTOTEX, Carvico, M.I.T.I., French ESF and others. Pads for cycling and triathlon pants and overalls are from Italian company T.M.F. Products and fabrics are carefully tested before they get to the portfolio and mass production .

    All manufacturing processes, cuts, further editing and grading of sizes originates our professional staff with CAD software. Products and their samles are fabricated mainly by our experienced seamstresses in our own workshop.To cover the whole production capacity helps us more sewing workshops throughout our country.


    To successfully fulfill our customers requirements all over the world, especially in European countries and North American countries,we have our own well equipped design studio. Here we create designs on the customers needs and also production sheets required for the smooth production and delivery at term.


    Before dispatch, all products are checked if they match production sheets. Before packing, each product is labeled with its description, size, etc ... Then follows overall visual inspection, accounting documentation and shipping to the customer.

    To successfully fulfill our customers requirements on delivery time,as most of our clients making their products for sport events,we have created unique urgent team to handle this kinds of orders. Usually, orders within 500 pcs can be shipped in a week, orders within 1000 pcs can be shipped in 10 days with our cooperated shipping agent as Fedex,TNT,DHL,which can delivery the packages in 2-3 days to European and American countries.


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